Haris Ahmed Chicago – A Goal Oriented Leader Par Excellence

Haris Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. It is a management consulting firm that works with pioneers of relationship on change and leadership. Haris has around 20 years of experience as a various leveled change operators and authority mentor. He has provoked various associations through imperative changes. Haris is moreover a specialist facilitator and has driven different administration workshops and gathering building sessions. He has sharpened more than 100 pioneers in diverse portions, including open and private organizations, not-for-advantages, and the administration part.

Haris ahmed, naperville, illinois

Haris Ahmed appreciates a long standing report relationship with a number CEOs and business pioneers transversely over assorted business wanders.

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One Response to Haris Ahmed Chicago – A Goal Oriented Leader Par Excellence

  1. April Ackles says:

    Haris Ahmed really a great personality having a lot of experience on management Consulting and Personally coached near about 100 leaders in private, public and non profit organization.

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