Haris Ahmed, Chicago and Aiding Nonprofits

As the CEO of successful management consultancy firm Pragmatium Consulting Inc, Haris Ahmed has assisted the implementation of effective business changes for over two decades. His experiences span across corporations, and firms in different industries globally have benefitted from the insight Ahmed has been able to provide. While every organization certainly has different needs and requires specific advice, every firm’s objective drives at continued success. There are similarities in each and every corporation no matter the product, service, or charity that they provide.

HarisAhmed, naperville, illinois, management consulting group,Outside of his professional life Haris Ahmed is an active community leader, and has sought to give back to the community by extending his education and expertise outside of the workplace. He currently serves on the board of many non-profit organizations, and is also a charter member of OPEN Chicago. OPEN Chicago is a voluntary organization committed to promoting entrepreneurship throughout diaspora communities in Chicago and the Midwest. As a chartered member along with other entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, social leaders and academics, Haris Ahmed shares the same skills he utilizes in his work to aspiring business owners, to help them become the business leaders of tomorrow. Look up Haris Ahmed on Authorstream for presentations which give insight on his professional expertise and opinions.

Central to his work is the belief that in business and leadership change can be intelligently implemented for the better. Haris Ahmed has coached over 100 leaders on the best ways to implement necessary change, and has also lectured at his alma mater of University of Notre Dame on these specialized areas. The strategic structural changes that can aid business success are also applicable to non-profits all over the world. Having actively fund-raised for hunger relief efforts, and been involved for many years with local not-for-profits, Haris Ahmed recognizes valuable opportunities for businesses also to help bring about community beneficial change.

A differentiated approach in business does not mean that the strategic elements of success cannot be shared across industries. Although intended outcomes may fundamentally differ, organizations stand to learn a lot from each other – from federal organizations to not-for-profits to large scale, global corporations. Haris Ahmed, Naperville, and his team of experienced management consultants in Chicago are adept at applying their broad knowledge base to any challenge that an organization might face.

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